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Rummy Apna App Download | Apna Rummy Apk | Bonus Rs.180


Rummy Apna App :- So today again a new app has been launched which has been launched by Teen Patti Boow company whose name is Rummy Apna Apk if you guys also want to know about the program of this application and this If you want to download the app then stay in this article because in this article you will also get the download link-

rummy apna logo
rummy apna logo

About Rummy Apna Game !

App Name :Rummy Apna Apk
Bonus :Rs.15
Min. Withdraw :Rs.100/-
Refer Bonus :Rs.20
Official Website :allrummyapps.com

If you guys also want to know about the features of Rummy Apna App , then for your information, let us tell you that on registering inside this app, you get a bonus of ₹ 15, as well as to withdraw this bonus, you have to pay a minimum of Rs. 100 is mandatory. So if you guys make 100 ₹, then you can also transfer this amount to your bank.

And there are many different programs to earn money inside this app like if you want to earn money by playing games then you can do that too and if you want to earn money by inviting your friends then Refer & Earn With the help of this you can also earn very good money.

When is Rummy Apna App launched?

If we talk about when is the application for lunch date of Rummy Apna Apk launched? So or the application is launched on 25 January 2022 . And along with the launch of this application, it also brings with it a lot of amazing amazing features in which you guys can run very well, like in this you get the support of many games and to withdraw your winning money. Quite a good withdrawal program. Also DOwnload This Rummy App

How to get Number Binding Bonus in Apna Rummy App?

Rummy Apna - Latest Earning
Rummy Apna – Latest Earning

Friends, another new program has come in this, this program was not there before, but now after updating this app, this program has also been included, to use this program, you have to come to the home page, after that a Bind in the side You will get the option of Bonus, you have to click on it and put your name, mobile number and email there and click on the submit button, then you get an extra bonus of ₹15 in it. Which turns out to be a total bonus of ₹15.

How many games are there in Rummy Apna Apk and which are?

3 Patti Apna APK
3 Patti Apna APK

As many programs have been given inside this app, one of the best programs is to earn money by playing, for which total 12 types of games are supported inside this application, in which you guys are very good gaming according to your experience. You can do it and win a good amount. Following are the games given in this game –

  1. Teen Patti Game
  2. Rummy Game
  3. Dragon vs Tiger
  4. Andar Bahar
  5. 7 Up Down
  6. Baccarat AB
  7. Munda Jhundi
  8. Baccarat 3 Ptti
  9. Red vs Black
  10. Royal 3 Patti
  11. Win Go
  12. AK 47

Rummy Apna Apk Daily Bonus Program !

rummy apna 7 day bonus
7 day bonus

Even inside this app, you have been given a very good Daily Bonus program in which you can claim a total of 140 rupees within 7 days, in which the first day ₹ 2, the second day ₹ 10, and the third day ₹ 3, the fourth day ₹ 15, ₹5 on the fifth day, ₹5 on the sixth day, and ₹100 on the seventh day.

How to Add Cash in Rummy Apna Apk ?

rummy apna app add cash
rummy apna app add cash

If you guys want us to add your money inside this app, then you can add money from a minimum of ₹ 30, in this, if you add ₹ 100 or more, then you get additional commission if If you make ₹ 100 Add Cash, you get 10% additional commission and 33% on ₹ 300 Add Cash and so on, you get a different percentage of additional bonus on each amount. You can add cash in the following way –

  1. First of all install and open Rummy Apna App and click on Add Cash button
  2. Then select any amount to be added in which you can also select minimum ₹ 30
  3. Then fill-up the KYC details by clicking on Add Cash and click on Submit
  4. After that you will come to the payment page in which you can add your money by paying through any payment.
  5. After that your money will be added to your game account which you can use to play games

Add Money Extra Bonus

In this game, the program of Extra Bonus has been given on the following types of Add Cash –

Add AmountGet Extra Bonus
₹10010% Extra
₹30033% Extra
₹50040% Extra
₹100060% Extra
₹150066% Extra
₹3000 Best200% Extra
₹5000160% Extra
₹ 20000115% Extra

Refer & Earn Program in Rummy Apna Apk

rummy apna app Refer & Earn
rummy apna app Refer & Earn

You should know that the Refer & Earn program of these applications is similar to the Teen Patti Vungo Apk of Taurus company. So within this also, along with getting a bonus of ₹ 20 on every friend’s invite, there is also a program with 30% commission.

  • Per Refer: – If you share your referral link with someone and they download and register with your gender, then you will get a bonus of ₹ 20.
  • Commission :- Up to 30% commission is available on recharge done by your invitation player.
  • Affiliate: – Affiliate commission is available up to 10 percent in this, but it is not clearly mentioned anywhere.

How to Withdraw Cash in Rummy Apna Apk?

To make a withdrawal inside Rummy Apna App , you have to win at least Rs100 inside the game account, only then you will be able to withdraw this winning amount through your bank or UPI. [ Notice: – To activate the Withdraw option inside this app, it is necessary to first recharge ₹ 100.

There are two types of withdrawal programs given in this –

  • Game Withdraw: – A minimum limit of 100 ₹ has been given to make withdrawals inside this game, after completing which you will be able to withdraw through your bank or UPI inside this account. [ Note :- To activate the withdrawal program inside the game account, you will have to recharge ₹ 100 for the first time. ,
  • Refferal Withdrawal: – To withdraw the commission earned through Refferal, you have been given a minimum limit of ₹ 1000, which if you complete, then you can withdraw this amount through the bank.

Customer Support “Rummy Apna Apk”

If you google any kind of problem inside this game, then to solve the problem, a program of customer service has also been given in it, in which you can take online customer support.

For this, you have to click on the Support icon given on the home page, which is next to the setting, after that you have to enter any problem in the given message box and then send, so that you will get the reply and you will get the same. In this way you can solve your problem.

FAQ’s “Rummy Apna Apk”

Q.1. How much bonus is available in Rummy Apna App?

Ans. Get a free ₹10 bonus.

Q.2. What is the minimum withdrawal in Rummy Apna Apk?

Ans. The minimum withdrawal is ₹100.

Q.3. How much is the Daily Bonus available in Rummy Apna App?

Ans. Daily Bonus up to ₹140 within 7 days.

Q, 4. When is Rummy Apna App launched?

Ans. The launch date of Rummy Apna App is on 25 January 2022.

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