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Rummy Nabob APK :- If you want to make money from home and are looking for an online application that gives you a bonus of $40, you play the game with those bonuses, and you have to withdraw at least $100 to cash out, make it your own. You can also move it in a bank. So, you’ve come to the right page, because in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Teen Patti Nabob APK app.

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rummy nabob apk logo
rummy nabob apk logo

The best thing about this app is that you can see a lot of games to play inside it. That’s why this Rummy App is so popular, and we’re going to tell you that this is one of those apps. Which has been on the market for a long time, and many people have made lakhs of rupees with this app and found it to be great.

Rummy Nabob APK’s Know More

App Name :Rummy Nabob APK Download
App Version :Latest Updated
Sign-Up Bonus :Rs.41
Min. Withdraw :Rs.100/-
Support Method :Though WhatsApp
Official Website
Download Link :Click Here

When you sign up for an account on Rummy Nabob, you get a bonus of 41 right away. This app also has a lot of games and many different kinds of features. That is, there are programs that let you make money online, and if you want to withdraw money from this app, you’ll need at least 100 rupees to do so. The best part is that you can also play IPL inside this app.

How to Register for Rummy Nabob?

rummy nabob bonus program

If you’ve downloaded this best Ravi app and want to start making money from it by making an account, it can be very good for you. Because making an account here gives you a lot of benefits. First, you get a bonus, and if your friends join, you can get a commission. To make an account, follow these steps.

To make an account, you must first download this app to your phone and open it once it’s done. This will take you to the app’s home page, where you must first click on the profile button in the top left corner.
After that, you’ll see a button that says “BIND.” If you click on it, you can use your phone number to band inside it, and you’ll get a bonus of 41 right away.

How to Get the Rummy Nabob App

Rummy Nabob App Download

Do you want to download the Nabob Rummy App? If so, click the button below to do so. Keep in mind that if you download this app, you’ll get a bonus of 41 that you can use to play the game, but you can’t get it back.

How many games does Rummy Nabob App include?

supported games
supported games

Friends, you should know that there is a great app that lets you play as many games as you want. This means that you don’t just have one, two, three, or five games to choose from. Supports 22 to 30 types of games in all.

  1. ICC T20
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Dragon vs tiger
  4. 7 up down
  5. Car Roulette
  6. Andar bahar
  7. Zoo Roulette
  8. Teen Patti 2020
  9. Crash
  10. Rummy
  11. Baccarat
  12. Andar Bahar go
  13. 3 Cards Poker
  14. Roulette
  15. Best of five
  16. black jack
  17. Fruit Line
  18. Ludo
  19. 10 cards
  20. Variation
  21. Poker
  22. Sport

Note: All of the games listed above carry a financial risk, so you should think about that before putting money into any of them.

Rummy Nabob Bonus Deposit

If you want to play any of the above games inside Teen Patti Nabob, the bonus you get inside it may not be as good as if you had some of your own games inside it. If you add up the amount, you get a nice bonus on top of it, which you can find out about in the table below.

How does sharing in Rummy Nabob make money?

share bonus program
share bonus program

If you share the link to this app with a friend or family member, you can make a lot of money from it. This app has a share program where if you invite one person, you get a bonus of 100. If you share with 10 people, you can earn 1000.

If you share this with a friend, you each get 80. And 90 on the share of the second friend, 100-100 on the share of the third friend, and so on. Every friend after that will get a bonus on their share.

Note: You only get the share bonus if the friends you recharged recharge for more than 1000.

Invite and Earn Program in Rummy Nabob App!

refer & earn program
refer & earn program

Before now, no matter what share bonus program you were reading, you could only get a commission after you recharged. In the same way, there is a Application like this inside Refer and Earn. If your friends recharge, no matter how much, you will get a 30% commission. And there is no limit to how much you can make from this commission. The more people you bring in, the more money you will make.

And if you want to get this commission, you have to click on the Refer & Earn button on the home page. This will bring up a Claim button, which you can click to get your commission.

Weekly Bonus Program

weekly bonus program
weekly bonus program

Inside the Refer & Earn program, there is a Weekly Bonus program that is so interesting that you can also get extra bonuses on your commissions. If you guys make more than 1,000 in commission in one week, you get an extra 500 bonus each week on top of that. Here are the specifics of each Weekly Bonus –

Progress Bonus Program

Rummy Nabob Progress bonus
progress bonus

This bonus is also very different and very lucrative, and you can make a lot of money from it. Mali ji, you did 200 and neem last week, and you ran 2,000 this week. If so, your weekly bonus is 900, which is 50% of your progress bonus. This amount is calculated by taking the commissions you earned last week and this week and subtracting them from the commissions you earned last week.

Advantages for VIPs in Nabob Rummy

This app has a VIP bonus program that gives you many different kinds of bonuses. Here are some of the bonuses you can get:

  1. Daily Bonus,
  2. Weekly Bonus,
  3. Monthly Bonus,
  4. Level Bonus,

You can only get the Daily Bonus bonus for free. To get any of the other bonuses, you have to become a vip-2 member of this app.

Rummy Nabob Program to Add Cash

add cash program
add cash program

Do you guys also play a lot of games? If you do, the bonus in Rummy Nabob will work for you. If you play a lot of games, you might want to add some of your own money to the game. The good thing is that you can only add 10 to this app, and you can do that without any trouble. However, making payments inside the app is very easy and quite good. To do this, you have to add cash according to the following statement. Then it will be easy for you to add cash to this app.

To do this, you must first click the PAY button on the home page. Then you’ll see a list of different amounts, from which you can choose a minimum of 11. Then click the button that says “Add Chips.” And fill out your “Know Your Customer” information, which includes your phone number and email address. Then you’ll see the payment screen, where you can choose any of your payment methods to pay. As soon as the payment goes through, your balance will be added to your game account.

Note: There is a financial risk with these games, so don’t enter your real information and use fake information instead.

Rummy Nabob app withdrawal Program.

withdrawal proof
withdrawal proof

If you also played the game by putting money into it and won some money from it, you may want to send that money to your bank. To do this, a withdrawal program is included. You can also use this to send your money to your bank. And in this Teen Patti Nabob Apk, you can also send a minimum of 100, which means you can Withdraw. You can use the following sentence as a guide:

First, open the game and click on the “Withdraw” button on the main page. After that, if you haven’t already, fill in your bank information. You can also have your UPI information. Which is very safe for you. Then, fill in the amount from your account and click the Withdraw button. If you want to see a record of your withdrawal, click the Record button on the left.

In the Rummy Nabob App, the mail program

Inside this app, there is an option for a “key mail” that lets you get the latest information about your game. Inside this mail program, the company tells you about its new features or even gives you a “Bonus Gift.” It only leads to You can think of this Application as a Notification Center in a way.

Rummy Nabob Download

Teen Patti Nabob number for customer service

  • Telegram : @RUMMYNABOB9898
  • WhatsApp : +639686998888
  • Email :

If you do anything in the Teen Patti Nabob Game, like add money, take money out, or play the game, and you ever have a problem with any of these things, let us know. If that’s the case, there is a support program built into this app that can help you solve these problems. With this Application, you can get help through WhatsApp because the app has a WhatsApp number.

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